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Loyalty program

Ladies and Gentlemen,

bearing in mind your suggestions associated with repeated visits, we decided to create a system that will reward visitors to us the most!

We decided to allow our customers to have an individual account, through which they can not only back up your data on a reservation, but also collect points that will give the discounts for our services.

From October 1, 2023. Each reservation made by you and the funds expended by the State will be assigned to your account, which will allow you gather points to obtain discounts.
The account will be set up by completing a simple form on our website. As a result, you will have the insight to keep to your online account.
Expended by the State funds will be converted into points in the ratio of 1 PLN = 1 point.

We have created 2 thresholds that will empower you to discounts:
1. 10% - 15.000 points
2. 15% - 30.000 points

Probably many of you in a short time to reach the required number of points, and thus we can be happy to admit a fixed discount. This discount will apply from the moment you cross a particular threshold.

The amount of accumulated points, and the amount of discounts afforded to you at any given time will be visible when you access your account.
After crossing the threshold, the system automatically will accrue a discount at the time of the next book in your account.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, we can help by phone: +18 206 3505 or 608 480 799.

We are pleased that we will be able to give back to you for your trust.

Program regulations


To set up your individual account in our reservation system wystaczą 3 clicks.


1 click on the button "LOGIN" button located at the top of the page next to the search.

Zakładanie konta w systemie Udanypobyt - kliknięcie 1

2 click on the button "Create Account", but if we have an account using the login form, which is located on the left side in the "I already have an account".

Zakładanie konta w systemie Udanypobyt  - kliknięcie 2

3 click on the "Create Account" after completing the form.

Zakładanie konta w stsremie Udanypobyt - kliknięcie 3

Thank you,
The team Udanypobyt

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