9-16 (Pn-Pt), 10-16 (So)

Loyalty program regulations

Terms and Conditions - loyalty program

1. The program is valid from October 1, 2023. And for bookings taken with using the portal www.udanypobyt.pl.

2. The program will involve the accumulation of points, for which he will be entitled to a permanent discount applicable for the next reservations.

3. Points will be calculated in the framework of an individual client. Account is opened in person or through our office.

4. Each point corresponds to one of the zloty, which was released on reservations.

5. The system automatically calculates the points after the date of departure and subject to full payment of the fee for the stay. Accrued points and entitlement discount is visible within its account.

6. It is assumed 2 thresholds: 15.000 and 30.000 points.

7. After crossing each of the thresholds is attributed to the reduction of 10 and 15 % for bookings made on the same account.

8. Attributed to the discount can be used for bookings made only to the authorized account.

9. Attributed to the reduction in force indefinitely beyond a particular threshold.

10. The program does not participate objects that are overvalued given day or not valid for promotion.

11. The possibility for the discount can not be combined with other markdowns.

12. The final cleaning service is not subject to a rebate.

The payment system on-line support Dotpay